interactive art

I'm Thomas, and this is some of my work. I like to think of myself as a modern style creative who thrives on all aspects of the creative process, from initial strategy to final execution and all the mad little things in between.

Digital Art Direction, Agency: SapientNitro

An interactive experience designed to help people understand the realities of playground bullying. The interactive site uses 3D sound to put users in the shoes of a silent victim, prompting people to take action.



Interactive Artwork

The worryball is an interactive sculpture, living partly online, that consists of more than 6000 individual Guatemalan worry dolls, woven into a spherical shape. According to Guatemalan folklore, if you whisper your worries to a worrydoll before going to sleep and place it under your pillow, the worries would have gone away by the morning.

When exhibited, the worryball broadcasts real recorded worries from various participants from around the world through an internal speaker. Participants can share their worries on the worryball website, where they can also experience a virtual version of the sculpture.


Idea / Script / Creative Direction / Umpire / Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

For the ASB Classic annual tennis tournament we asked ourselves; Who loves tennis balls more than tennis players? So for this year's tournament we decided to specially train and use the cheekiest but best ball boys in the world, assisting Venus Williams and Svelanta Kuznetsova in a game. The idea got massive pick-up in international media and reported on in thousands of different news outlets; this is what Mashable wrote: It makes total sense — why use humans to fetch balls when dogs can do it better, how come no one has come up with this idea before?


Idea / Script / Creative Direction / Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Identifying the insight that Ambition is the one thing that all Kiwi business owners have in comon, Ambition, I concepted and CDed ASB banks' first business campaign in 10 year, which was pioneered by a stylish TVC that I co-wrote and directed.

The platform was incredibly well received by the head of business banking, Steve Jerkovich, who said “it feels like we’ve found our mojo again” and the campaign has now launched via LinkedIn and is a fast-growing platform for ongoing business content, initiatives and special events. The campaign was kick-off using Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington post, to talk about Ambition at the launch event in Auckland.


Creative Direction, Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi NZ

I was creative director for the campaign which ended up winning 3 gold EFFIES and 1 GRAND PRIX at the NZDM.

ASB Bank needed to sign students up to their tertiary accounts, but the target market respond poorly to traditional media channels and if the messaging wasn’t entertaining, fast or relevant enough, they are quick to ignore it.

We decided to move our entire campaign to Snapchat and create a scholarship programme that rewarded students for being students. By following ASB on Snapchat students received snappy, unexpected weekly challenges on their mobiles, which led to fun “scholarships” such as Playstations and festival tickets. The challenges could be anything from asking students to identify a Mer-man, do the moonwalk and even make their way to the bank and try to break into a real safe.

The cheeky approach quickly resulted in a huge following and earned heaps of media. Through Snapchat, ASB broke a new record in account sign-ups, created 25,000+ new followers and even received a dick pic – a first for the bank and hopefully the last.


Art direction / Concept / Digital / Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

The official iPad application for the Australian Open allows users to explore a smorgasbord of live data-feeds in an interesting and engaging way. Icons representing scores, tweets, stats, photos, etc. are constantly updated with real-time data on an endless canvas.

There is also an autograph function that let tennis stars such as Nadal and Federer sign their names directly on the iPad using their fingertips. The application became the most purchased worldwide in the sports category, and was named the "iPad sport app of the year" for 2011.


Art Direction / Agency: Contagion

In a competitive energy market, every company in New Zealand is vying for the same customers. They’ll knock on their door, offer free power and claim the lowest prices. Energy Online needed to scare off the competition. So, they have, literally. The launch video is the first in a series that will illustrate that Energy Online doesn’t act like your typical energy provider. In just a few days, it become a global sensation with millions of views worldwide.


Design, Digital, Agency: Holler

The design for the Heineken world cup app, a game that lets you take a kick by flicking your finger on the screen. The app is synched with live data from the world cup and lets users take the exact same kick as they see on TV, with the same wind, position, distance - all in real time.


Concept & Direction

This campaign is designed to raise awarness of the fact that the arctic ice is quickly diminishing, and this will at the end affect us all. In a Youtube we see an iceberg collapsing and generating a mini tsunami which is menacingly approaching the boat where a tourist is filming. When it hits the boat the wave splashes into the Youtube page itself, followed by a message explaining that global warming affects you wherever you are.

This highly viral campaign was used by Greenpeace to drive a petition against drilling in the arctic region, which at the end was signed by more than 5 million people.


Art Direction / Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

In 2014 Tui celebrated 125 years of quality beers. So to celebrate, we paid tribute to the range in typical, tongue in cheek, take the p**s Tui way, with these four TVC/online spots.

Oh and a brand new Tui Pilsner was introduced to thirsty punters, too.


Digital, Innovation, Agency: SapientNitro

This idea lets children design their own XBOX, straight on the Paddlepop website. 30 children will then win their very own consule with their own designs airbrushed onto the shell. The campaign currently has about 75,000 artworks submitted.


We're going to need a bigger boat.